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29 – The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact & Community Organizing with Asa Kaplan


Asa Kaplan is a Chicago- and St.Louis-based naturalist and grassroots organizer. Time not spent organizing for electoral reform is spent gathering community around hyperlocal nature experiences in urban settings. With roots in Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign  its community-organizing ethos, Asa now organizes on electoral reform and other issues on the scale of neighborhood blocks to U.S. states. During the last ten years Asa spent in Chicago, he founded the free Logan Square International Film Series, as well as a cooperative housing initiative in the Avondale neighborhood. Current collaborative projects include the internet’s first real-time almanac of the seasons, The @Living_Almanac, and passing the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Show Notes

2:46 – Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign for Change.

4:16 – Obama’s Win in Indiana.

5:19 – The movement and the growth of “grassroots organizing”.

7:22 – The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

7:50 – Effort in the 1960’s to Abolish the Electoral College.

8:30 – The election of 2000 and the Popular Vote then.

8:54 – Legal journals in support of the Popular Vote

9:40 – Dean Amar, Dean of the University of Illinois School of Law

09:51 – John Koza & The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

12:55 – 2020 Candidates on The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

13:05 – How the Compact Works

14:42 – Voter turnout higher in Battleground or Swing States.

22:30 – New York Passed The Compact!


25:42 – Bipartisan Support for the Compact



Piece 39 – Journalistic Integrity in the Modern Age By. Raimondo Graziano

Journalistic Integrity in the Modern Age

By. Raimondo Graziano

           Journalistic integrity and the freedom of the press are on the foremost pillars of our democracy – the means to critique, judge, and in some cases expose the policies, prejudices, and character of individuals in government or power, or agencies or foreign governments keeps these individuals accountable and held to a standard. A standard that the public looks to, and uses to make their beliefs and opinions solidified, backed with truth. In essence, the free press helps to bolster our democracy by keeping persons in power accountable and in check, and keeps the public informed whereas to galvanize support or erode trust. However, this only works when the press publishes unbiased truth – not opinions. It is up to the public to form their  opinions, and the duty of the press to present the facts. It is also the duty of the press to be prudent and exercise judgement in regards to what it is they choose to publish and push out to the public. Too often today, the press pushes forth a false narrative or chooses to compromise the national security of the nation. This is irresponsible and unprofessional. The case of this is no where clearer, or as near to clear, as in the case of Julian Assange.

          Assange has, and has always had a poltical agenda – self motivated and propelled by his own vision of the truth, and the facts. He, himself is a small piece of the entirety of the journalistic community in many regards – the pillars of a free press are paramount to a functioning democracy,  but when the press is motivated by profit, and by ideology the press is no longer free, yet – at the same time- as the people tout its greatness, and importance, they are too naive to see that the hands of power and control have shifted from nonpartisan purveyors of truth, to wealth driven capitalistic snakes – but the press as an institution remains untouchable to critique and criticism. Yet, a press no longer governed by truth, can still take aim at all manner of people, policies and the like.

           This itself distorts the public’s comprehension of what is true and what is not – eroding trust in all of our institutions! The press like Assange, may have started out in this country as something from a place of good intentions. But corruption has overrun his intentions, and infected the execution of the seeking of the truth; and the same can be said for the press – the press has become corrupted, and driven by ideology and it is ripping the fabric of our society apart. Dividing and conquering by keeping us separate from one another in perhaps the most trying century in history.  Assange and the press should be held to a higher standard. Those that divide, compromise our national security, and purposefully seek to polarize the public deserve to be firstly held to a specific, concrete standard and secondly if they cannot uphold such a simple request – they should be dealt with appropriately regarding those that seek to undermine unity in an already tenuous and fragile world.



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28 – Utter Scandal and Lies, Exposing Corruption in NYCHA With Louis Flores

Louis is an LGBT activist and data reporter. His activism and writing have been covered by The New York Times, The Advocate, The New York Daily News, and the French magazine Têtu. Louis was the publisher of the online news Web site, Progress Queens.

An advocate for government reform, Louis is working with others to code a transparency reporting app, C’est Vrai, that will be the backbone for Progress New York, a new investigative journalism cooperative in New York.

Tonight he will be talking about his efforts to bring transparency to New York and the corruption that persists in NYCHA, New York City’s Public Housing.

Show Notes

02:09 – The corrupt role of money in politics.

02:16 – Corruption in NYC & NYS.

03:27 – Privatization of NYCHA.

06:02 – Real-Estate contributions to Mayor DeBlasio.

06:17 – The effect of privatization of NYCHA on residents.

12:02 – FIGHT for NYCHA.

12:27 –Normal Siegel.

14:05 – Conditions of residents of NYCHA housing.

14:56 What is a FOIL request?

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26 – A conversation with Kim Ann, an Educator and Activist, of “Real Talk with The Angry Soccer Man” on How White People Can BEST Support Equality

Kim Ann is the host of Real Talk with The Angry Soccer Man where she highlights numerous inequities and inequalities. She is an educator focused on teaching white Americans about the benefit of racial equality and deconstructing the social constructs that guide our lives subconsciously.

Important Links

1. Kim Ann’s Channel where she hosts Real Talk With The Angry Soccer Mom


Show Notes

03:47 – Travelling the world broadens the mind, and understanding of the world.


07:17 – Anti Racism and Bigotry Instruction


09:25 – Historically Marginalized Communities


10:02 – Capitalism & Racism


10:50 – The Concept of White Priviledge


16:10 – Post-Racial America


21:05 – Democrats United


38:22 – Medias Role In Dividing People