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63 – Why You Have to Vote For Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party Nomination for President. There is much more at stake than one man in the Oval Office. It is not about the man, but about the office itself and what that means for numerous executive agencies and a Presidency stronger than at any other point in history. Put it simply – you have to vote for Joe Biden.


Show Notes

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1. David Axelrod and David Plouffe: What Biden Needs to Do to Beat Trump https://nyti.ms/2SvqQlS
• The former vice president is a man of vast experience in government. He ran the Recovery Act for President Obama in 2009 during the economic crash and was Mr. Obama’s active partner during other crises like the H1N1 pandemic that same year and the 2014 Ebola outbreak.
• Focus on content.Expand your digital footprint.Prepare for an onslaught.Deploy surrogates.Plan for a online convention. Organize, organize, organize. (But online.)Act like an insurgent, not an incumbent.
2. Biden’s Edge Evaporates as Trump Seen as Better Suited for Economy, Coronavirus Response, Poll Shows https://nyti.ms/3fnSlHM
• Democratic presidential nominee struggles for visibility with voters during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Tuesday. The opinion poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday found that 43% of registered voters said they would support Biden in the Nov. 3 presidential election, while 41% said they would back Trump. That makes the contest essentially a toss-up, as the results are within the poll’s credibility interval.
• The Reuters/Ipsos poll was conducted online, in English, throughout the United States. It gathered responses from 1,215 American adults, including 1,015 who identified as registered voters. It had a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of plus or minus 3 percentage points.
• 42% of Americans said they approved of Trump’s performance in office, and 53% said they disapproved.
• 37% percent said Trump was better leading the country’s coronavirus response, while 35% preferred Biden.
• 45% of Americans said Trump was better suited to create jobs, while 32% said Biden was the better candidate for that.
3. Biden Announces New Policy Efforts Aimed at Black Voters https://nyti.ms/3ds0B7Z
• As part of the wide-ranging plans, the former vice president pledged to open a new Public Credit Reporting Agency that could compete with Equifax Inc, Experian Plc and TransUnion and, according to the campaign, minimize racial disparities in lending.
• The former vice president also promised a new tax credit for first-time homeowners, $900 million over eight years to finance efforts to save 12,000 lives in high-crime cities as well as to expand the Small Business Administration’s efforts to lend money to African American-owned enterprises. Advocates say that few of those businesses have been able to tap federal relief programs during the coronavirus outbreak due to discriminatory lending practices.
• The policies announced on Monday include an expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act, a fair-lending law governing banks, to include mortgage and insurance companies.
4. Why Biden’s Choice of Running Mate Has Momentous Implications https://nyti.ms/3fbr6jH
• And Mr. Biden himself has increasingly pushed into the political foreground the overwhelming reason that his choice may be the most consequential in decades: the expectation, downplayed but not exactly denied by the Biden campaign, that the 77-year-old would be a one-term president. If that turns out to be the case, his running mate now could well be leading the Democratic ticket in four years.
• Stan Greenberg, a longtime Democratic pollster, has laid out a case to Mr. Biden’s inner circle that he should choose Ms. Warren to consolidate support across the Democratic coalition and drive up turnout among younger people and liberals, according to people familiar with Mr. Greenberg’s overtures. A polling presentation Mr. Greenberg shared with the Biden campaign cautioned that as of early April, supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders were “dangerously not” united behind Mr. Biden’s candidacy. Mr. Greenberg suggested that a strongly progressive message on the economy would resonate with those people.
5. Biden Makes Mark on Democratic Party With New Fundraising Deal https://www.wsj.com/articles/joe-biden-makes-mark-on-democratic-party-with-new-fundraising-deal-11587767071
• The former vice president on Friday formalized a joint fundraising agreement with the Democratic National Committee, allowing him to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars from individual donors. He also installed Mary Beth Cahill, a former campaign manager for John Kerry in 2004, to lead the DNC through the fall campaign.
• The steps by Mr. Biden aim to build a united national party after the primaries and compete financially against Mr. Trump’s re-election team. The president’s campaign, the Republican National Committee and affiliated fundraising committees raised $63 million in March and had $244 million in the bank at the beginning of April.
• Mr. Biden and the DNC brought in a combined $79.3 million in March but started this month with $57 million in cash on hand, after accounting for the DNC’s $5 million in debts.
• The joint fundraising committee, which will be called the Biden Victory Fund, will allow an individual to make a maximum donation of $360,600. Of that amount, $5,600, the maximum any individual can give to the campaign for the primary and general election, will be earmarked for the Biden campaign. The rest goes to the national party. The joint committee allows donors to also support the party’s operations and the summer convention and to help cover legal expenses.
6. Biden Ramps Up Outreach to Liberals https://www.wsj.com/articles/joe-bidens-campaign-ramps-up-outreach-to-liberals-11587123001
• Mr. Biden’s policy plans include expanding Medicare to more Americans, and he has proposed new spending to fight climate change, but his proposals in both areas aren’t as sweeping as many liberals prefer. Ms. Sanders, who isn’t related to the Vermont senator but worked on his 2016 bid, said her message has been that Mr. Biden’s ideas are “in fact a bold platform.”
• The challenge facing Mr. Biden is to engage liberals in the party without jeopardizing the support of the older, more moderate voters who turned out in droves in suburban areas and helped make him the party’s presumptive nominee. Mr. Trump’s campaign is already seeking to paint Mr. Biden as too liberal for most voters.
• Mr. Biden was adopting into his education platform parts of her and Mr. Sanders’s 2017 bill proposing free college for families making less than $125,000 a year.


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24 -National Popular Vote Interstate Compact



From the page of the grassroots campaign leading cause to enact The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact – “The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Explanation CO,DE

link -https://www.nationalpopularvote.com/ | media – https://twitter.com/NPVgrassroots

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03:30 – Secretary Clinton & the Popular Vote (1), and President Trump and his slim margin of victory through the electoral college. (2)

(1) https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/hillary-clinton-officially-wins-popular-vote-29-million/story?id=44354341

(2) https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/politics/2016-election/swing-state-margins/?noredirect=on

04:00 – Disproportionate Time Spent in Swing States


04:40 – Lower voter turnout tied to the Electoral College


05:40 – Smaller States have greater power and leverage within our political system


08:51 – Why we may need a Constitutional Convention.


11:00 Constitutional Interpretation, Originalism and the such


14:00 Why we are so divided, and why we cant agree on basic FACTS.


16:15 – Why Americans are to the left of center, or Liberal


19:06 – Why Democrat’s, Progressives have bold ideas for the country.