Old Howard Union

Issue Brief, 10 – Unions and Free Trade

Unions have for all of American history been something that has been hard fought for and many sacrifices have been made by its supporters to ensure workers rights are protected, fair wages are had, and the general well being of the unionized, and non-unionized worker is protected – when unions are strong, the American economy is strong and in turn the American people are strong.

Show Notes

00:23 – Unions in the United States

01:12 – Opposition to Unions

02:10 – Anti-Union Violence

02:28 – Unions Help ALL Workers

04:05 – The Rights Antagonism Toward Unions

04:45 – Scott Walker & “Right To Work” Laws

5:30 – Benefits of Being in A Union

6:30 – Unions and Free Trade Agreements

06:40 – Benefits of Free Trade

06:52 – American Worked Unfairly Forced to Compete

07:45 – Outsourcing in the United States

08:33- How Free Trade Promotes Peace