Film – To Work In The City no. 2

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There is a value in work. One that we can learn from those that have come before us. A sense of duty, of pride, and of civic responsibility. When we work, often we think that we are working for ourselves or for our families, but this is not so. In truth, we are working for so much more. We are working as parts of a greater whole, we cannot neglect or undervalue ourselves for if one cog goes awry of the great wheels of human civilization, then the whole of it all falls apart. We each have a role to play, and it is in the past that we can look to a higher ideal, a greater sense of community, and a greater purpose to play in our fellow citizens lives, in the country and in the world.


Requiem in D Minor, K. 626

Piece 50 – The Promise & Perils of New York City By. Raimondo Graziano

The Promise & Perils of New York City

By. Raimondo Graziano


New York City is one of the most diverse and wealthy cities in the world. Wealth in it’s people, and their character and the stories they hold. And wealth in the sheer abundance of opportunity and promise it holds. Though here there is wealth, monetary and material wealth which abounds in a great thunderous exchange of goods, services, luxury and great inequality. Great, terrible inequality.

This city has a history of corruption and governmental neglect and negligence at the hands of those the people dually elected. In some cases democracy does not always work to the favor of the people of this city. As rent rises to highs not seen before in this cities history, the wealthy move in and supplant neighborhoods and peoples who have had roots here for generations. Our elected officials do little to nothing to mitigate this. Often they are in the pockets of those they are meant to protect the people from.

Often it is the power of political parties and the monied interests of Wall St. And the Real Estate industry who hold our elected officials hostage with exorbitant campaign contributions. These in the hands of the powerful, the movers of the levers of government though not elected, are a dangerous tool acting as near as can be though skirting the gray moral line that divides contributions and bribes. It is not this city rejects wealth and chastises it. Rather welcome it with open arms. We must take a cautioned, measured and practical approach to the wealth that enters this city uninhibited.

If those that seek to come in look to benefit from the promise this city has, from its story and its trials – then they need to invest in these communities which have been here for generations. That’s individuals and corporations alike! No one ought to get a free ride and welcome mat laid out simply because they have a fat wallet. What message are we then sending our children? The stewards of this city in the years to come? As our mayor returns from his quixotic campaign for the Presidency, as he flies in, and prepares to get back to the job he was elected for let him be reminded of the issues facing this city.

Firstly, a housing crisis in affrodabilty, while countless tens of thousands of New Yorkers remain homeless, and a shelter system that many outright avoid. Secondly, a crisis in our wellbeing and health. I’m talking about the Overdose Crisis, where we have lost thousands of New Yorkers to a preventable overdose and countless more the horrors of addiction and the stigma that comes with it. Thirdly, a mayor who cannot work effectively with his Police Department to ensure that they receive the support they need while at the same time holding them accountable for their actions and in many cases negligence. Fourthly, educational disparities within our school system, disparities in opportunity.

The way we tackle this is not through ending programs for gifted students, but rather expanding access and resources to the people of New York, to those who don’t have access to begin with. To tackle a nuanced problem we needn’t follow the recommendations of the mayors bureaucratic commission, to penalize those who do well, but to gove opportunity to those who haven’t been given the chance to succeed!

Fourthly, the lack of expanded economic opportunities to smaller business which are struggling to compete with larger and often aggressive chains and other corporations. Let’s empower the people, and unleash the untapped potential in many cases lying dormant in this great city. We needn’t demonize corporations but rather, we can say to them – You have had your fill, let the people profit from the well too. We can reward responsible corporate practices, and those which are sustainable and empower workers by encouraging the growth of unions, while scrutinizing those who face no such oversight.

In other words, what this city deserves, what it’s people deserve and what is long overdue is a city government that works for the benefit of the people, responsible progressive and pragmatic governance for the benefit of all New Yorkers, those here for generations and those who seek to plant their roots. We can achieve this together, it is our hope that together this vision for a truly progressive, responsible and action oriented city government can become our reality. That is the hope of this city, that reason and justice, and personal responsibility projected outward can uplift and transform this city into a model for responsibility and duty and honor the world over.



Film – To Work In The City no. 1

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Cities have a long and tried history in the world. They have been at the forefront of great and tumultuous societal change and they have borne the brunt of some of the worst excesses’ society has managed to conjure up. But above all the city has managed to act as as beacon the world over for opportunity and for inclusion. If America is the country that acts as the melting pot of the peoples of the world, then the city is the microcosm of that revolutionary idea – advancing the aims of liberal democracy, and inclusion. In the city, there is a hope for a greater cosmopolitan ideal for all, one that those who are blessed to eat of its fruit, would hope to share with the greater world.
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40 – Tensions Around the World and at Home

At first a discussion about the ongoing increasing tensions between the United States and Iran, we go deeper into the numerous crises occurring concurrently both at home and abroad all feeding into each other and the discord gripping the international community. How do we move forward?

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Issue Brief, 11 – Progressive Foreign Policy

Progressive foreign policy is something we rarely hear spoken about by major political candidates of the left, they tend to focus more so on domestic policy. However with recent developments the world over and an increasingly interdependent world, many progressives are asking the question – what is, or rather, what should progressive foreign policy look like.

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