Piece 42 – A Word on the Marginalized to Commemorate Pride Month 

A Word on the Marginalized to Commemorate Pride Month

By. Raimondo Graziano

This country has a long history of oppression and demonizing minority groups within the nation- historically marginalized groups as we collectively refer to them as. For much of our history this nation has been one ruled by a ruling elite, a political class of individuals – white, straight men. Now there is nothing wrong with being white or with being straight. To the contrary, that’s an okay thing. What is demonstrably wrong, is using ones position of inherent privilege to advance their needs and their wants alone. Using ones considerable advantage, whether it is a realized one or not, to purposely keep power concentrated in the hands of the few for the perpetuation of marginalization of those who cannot fight for themselves. Marginalization of those who are fearful for their lives simply for being born into a world who stigmatizes them as a group and as individuals just for being who they are.

Now, considerable progress has been made both legislatively and socially as well as culturally and economically. But to believe that our hard earned victories are shielded from assault by the powers that still be, is naive. Each day work is done to undermine the advances we have made on civil rights for all Americans including, and especially this month of Pride for the LGBTQ community, the advances made in normalizing the public thought and perception on identifying as a gay, lesbian or any other orientation. The opposition is hard at work on undermining and eroding our progress we have made in the name of peace and justice. Our fight is one for the recognition of the ills we have helped to sow, and righting the wrongs of our storied past. We cannot go it alone, and we cannot rest on our laurels. Rather we must see each day as a ceaseless war in the effort to ensure that justice and liberation is accomplished in full; success denotes progress, but success is not an end. Progress moves ever forward and it it the foot soldiers of this movement not only here in the states but across the world that ensure that our progress continues unfettered by rogue actors, and unfeeling, “moral” parties bent on peddling their false ideologies of tradition.

Their ideology is not one of tradition but one mired in backwards, degenerative policies that work to alienate and keep some of out brightest minds down based on purely racial, sexual, or social prejudices. Those within communities that are marginalized must fight for themselves and for those around them that they would call Brother and sister. Those who would call themselves allies must equally fight for their rights and ensure that our understanding of their trials, translates not into a co-opting of the conversation for our own benefit, but of an amplifier to the fight of those who are, or believe that they may be voiceless. That is why I am an ally. That is why I choose to fight, not only for my sister and for those she calls friend, but for the millions more in bondage who have no champion. We have an obligation to do right, and to do otherwise is to be a true, true coward.

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47 – Muellers Statements Today

Today the former special consul Rober Mueller gave a press conference where he made a public statement regarding the release of his report and on the ongoing back and forth between The White House, Congress and the Media. Mueller in so few words, referred to Congress that Impeachment proceedings ought to begin against the President. That if the Donald J. Trump was not a sitting president, he would be indicted. That if they had confidence that the President did not commit a crime, then they would have said so. Rober Mueller today showed the American public and the world how deeply in a crisis we are truly in.

Show Notes

  1. MUELLER STATEMENTS – https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/05/29/robert-mueller-resigns-as-special-counsel-full-statement-vpx.cnn
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37 – Federal Reforms

How can a people oriented majority siphon away the hold and power of the elites of the country and put more influence in the hands of the people, how can we ensure that we live in a country truly for all Americans? Reforms on the federal level to fundamentally change the way in which our government works.

Show Notes
No show notes this evening.

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27 – A Conversation With The Other Side, Featuring The Hosts of The Rundown

Tonight we will have on the hosts of The Rundown, a conservative media group, who hosts a podcast as well weekly live shows where they talk about some of the most important issues of the day from a conservative perspective. We have dialogued from some time, and I have been a contributor on their live show as well, and today they are to talk about the divides in this country, and how it is we are to bridge them – as well as other topics. Please see the show notes below for topic information, as well as links to their pages as well. Comments are welcome. 

The Rundown Media Group – https://therundownmg.com/

The Rundown Live Shows – https://www.facebook.com/TheRundownMG/

Show Notes

02:37 – American’s viewing the other side of their political persuasion as an “enemy”


03:30 – The Fairness Doctrine


03:32 – The Rise of Ring-Wing Media


05:26 – Media conglomerates in The United States


10:53 – Americans views on abortion.


15:53 – Do Republican policies support upward mobility?


16:26 – Do entitlement programs with “cut-offs” work better?


17:24 – The 2nd Gilded Age in America today


17:37 – Is Capitalism working today in America?


18:06 – Do corporations pay their fair shares in taxes?


20:53 – Google & their work with the Chinese government


21:06 – Chinese stipulations regarding American companies working in their country


21:24 – Censored search engine being worked on currently


21:27 Zuckerberg deposition to Congress

21:35 – Are corporations “above the law”?


26:51 – Elizabeth Warren and her proposal to break up the major tech companies

32:02 – Suzannah B. Troy – NYC Activist

32:13 – Kim Ann – Real Talk With The Angry Soccer Mom

33:11 – Social media and the bubble of confirmation bias today

34:53 – Bill Maher on reaching out to conservative listeners


36:21 – Ben Shapiro


38:50 – Beto O’Rourke getting questioned by a college students about financial disclosures


44:30 – VOCAL-NY, a local community organization in Brooklyn servicing the needs of the NYS community.

44:08 – 45:32; My apologies for the background noise, constant sirens are a fact of living in New York City.

46:49 – The Facts on Safe Injection (Consumption)  Spaces





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Issue Brief, 7 – Mindfulness