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32 – Nancy Pelosi, The Great Maintainer

Nancy Pelosi is the antithesis to the progressive wing of the Democratic party which is the true core of the party, she consistently works to undermine her own party and is one of the establishment’s core figures in American politics – her leadership is a hindrance to the Democratic Party, and in some ways to the country. She is excellent, great even at her ability to maintain the status quo.

Show Notes

No show notes this evening.

Old Howard Union

27 – A Conversation With The Other Side, Featuring The Hosts of The Rundown

Tonight we will have on the hosts of The Rundown, a conservative media group, who hosts a podcast as well weekly live shows where they talk about some of the most important issues of the day from a conservative perspective. We have dialogued from some time, and I have been a contributor on their live show as well, and today they are to talk about the divides in this country, and how it is we are to bridge them – as well as other topics. Please see the show notes below for topic information, as well as links to their pages as well. Comments are welcome. 

The Rundown Media Group – https://therundownmg.com/

The Rundown Live Shows – https://www.facebook.com/TheRundownMG/

Show Notes

02:37 – American’s viewing the other side of their political persuasion as an “enemy”


03:30 – The Fairness Doctrine


03:32 – The Rise of Ring-Wing Media


05:26 – Media conglomerates in The United States


10:53 – Americans views on abortion.


15:53 – Do Republican policies support upward mobility?


16:26 – Do entitlement programs with “cut-offs” work better?


17:24 – The 2nd Gilded Age in America today


17:37 – Is Capitalism working today in America?


18:06 – Do corporations pay their fair shares in taxes?


20:53 – Google & their work with the Chinese government


21:06 – Chinese stipulations regarding American companies working in their country


21:24 – Censored search engine being worked on currently


21:27 Zuckerberg deposition to Congress

21:35 – Are corporations “above the law”?


26:51 – Elizabeth Warren and her proposal to break up the major tech companies

32:02 – Suzannah B. Troy – NYC Activist

32:13 – Kim Ann – Real Talk With The Angry Soccer Mom

33:11 – Social media and the bubble of confirmation bias today

34:53 – Bill Maher on reaching out to conservative listeners


36:21 – Ben Shapiro


38:50 – Beto O’Rourke getting questioned by a college students about financial disclosures


44:30 – VOCAL-NY, a local community organization in Brooklyn servicing the needs of the NYS community.

44:08 – 45:32; My apologies for the background noise, constant sirens are a fact of living in New York City.

46:49 – The Facts on Safe Injection (Consumption)  Spaces