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41 – American Education

American education used to be the pinnacle of the world, however in the last few decades it has steadily declined while the average cost per student has risen dramatically. Obviously there exists fundamental problems at the very heart of American education, but can they be mended through bold reforms?


Show Notes

Readings of interest –

  1. https://www.forbes.com/sites/adamandrzejewski/2019/04/10/seven-troubling-facts-on-american-higher-education-you-probably-dont-know/amp/
  2. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/brown-center-chalkboard/2019/01/15/equal-opportunity-in-american-education/amp/
Old Howard Union

Issue Brief, 9 – College, Debt and Our Students

There is a crisis in American education – college and higher education in general is becoming more and more unaffordable to many American families – not only is the price become too costly, but the impact it is having reverberates for decades in some cases for many students saddling them with debt, while we also tell our students to prepare for the future by saving and being prudent. The world has changed and our education system and what we teach our youth needs to change as well.

Show Notes

00:13 – Back to the schedule and a moratorium on interviews until about May.

00:30 – Issue Brief beginning on College Debt, and our Students

Issue Brief continues on till the end of the podcast .