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57 – Governor Cuomo, State of the State

Tonight, Governor Cuomo issued is annual State of the State address and addressed many issues that New Yorkers are facing – some more pressing than others. He lauded his accomplishments and spoke of “practical progressivism”. Governor Cuomo is not a true progressive. A Democrat he may be, but a progressive in the same vein as Franklin Roosevelt he is not.

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55 – The Middle East Today

The Middle East Today – a massive quagmire of problem after problem and no real end in sight, why we are here and how we got there.

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Iran Adds Advanced Centrifuges, Further Weakening Nuclear Deal https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/04/world/middleeast/iran-nuclear-centrifuges-uranium.html

Russia Dominated Syria’s War. Now It’s Sending Mercenaries to Libya. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/05/world/middleeast/russia-libya-mercenaries.html

Iraqis Rise Against a Reviled Occupier: Iran https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/04/world/middleeast/iraq-protests-iran.html

With Israel in Limbo, Benny Gantz Vows to Seek a ‘Peace Within’ https://nyti.ms/2C7b4oD

In Another Bipartisan Rebuke of Trump, House Votes for Sanctions Against Turkey https://nyti.ms/32YDBIO

Turkey Wants Refugees to Move to a ‘Safe Zone.’ It’s a Tough Sell. https://nyti.ms/336xBxE


45 – The Strategic Importance of Africa

Africa has for some time been a target of the nations of the West for exploration and has been used throughout much of its history by imperial powers. Colonialism left an immense strain and stain on the continent and when we relinquished our hold on these peoples, we did not leave the fundamental infrastructure and institutions neccessary for order. In the 21st century, the strategic importance of Africa cannot be understated. China, now the leader of the authoritarian nations of the world, is leading the charge on revitalizing the continent and the West ought to pay attention, with the aim of righting the wrongs of the past and working to create lasting partnerships rather than colonial holdings.


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Issue Brief, 12 – Intercontinental Rail

An intercontinental railroad that would run throughout the United States, comparable to those in other major industrialized nations would be a boon not only to the economy, but to the people of the country and to those proponents of cutting down emissions from major fuels. Poltical inaction on the issue is at the core of the effort to stop the start of what would be a major infrastructure investment in the United States.


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Piece 41 -The Preservation of Our Collective Wilds By. Raimondo Graziano

The Preservation of Our Collective Wilds
By. Raimondo Graziano

There is much talk domestically about the effects that man has had over the last two hundred years, due to industrialization, on our wilds, our rivers, our oceans and seas and in regards to the air we breathe and the water we drink. There is clear consensus that man has in some way or another adversely affected this place we call our home. That man has been derelict in his stewardship over this land of ours. That man has exploited the wilds, and precious resources of this our only home, for the benefit of profit, and an allegiance to the idea of perpetual growth. Two very misguided reasons, excuses really, for the degradation of our world and the ruining of such for our children and grandchildren to come. Our advances and strides have been great, and have afforded a standard of living onto the people of world unknown before in the history of humanity. Even to the poorest of the worlds poor. But, at what cost?

The world after the dawn of the industrial age was indeed a world of great promise, but it most be sternly noted, that it was a world of capitalism run rampant and exploitation on a grand scale, a gilded age in which the barons of industry dug their claws further into government and the relationship between business and governance grew ever closer, and the rights of workers not yet enumerated where trampled upon. The beginning of deforestation of our great wilds, acidification of our oceans, lakes and streams and poisoning of our water supplies, and the exponential consumption of resources and the boom in the number of peoples in this world was simply the surface of the greed to come.

In progress, we often skirt the long term aims and safeguards, for short term gains of wealth and appeasement of an ever hungry mass. In other words, we forget and neglect our role as stewards – the role of ensuring the sanctity of our home for profit. In this a lesson can be learned, that we need not forsake progress to preserve our world – rather a balance must be stuck. Greed, excess, and the ills of capitalism cannot be allowed to run amok. Industry serves it’s own ends, and only from vocal public pressure can we ensure that industry, and the politicians they fund remain accountable. We must act now, or forsake the great project that is humanity due to perhaps our greatest inherent flaw – blind belief in our right to exist, independent of our care for this world.