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32 – Nancy Pelosi, The Great Maintainer

Nancy Pelosi is the antithesis to the progressive wing of the Democratic party which is the true core of the party, she consistently works to undermine her own party and is one of the establishment’s core figures in American politics – her leadership is a hindrance to the Democratic Party, and in some ways to the country. She is excellent, great even at her ability to maintain the status quo.

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Issue Brief, 8 – End the Anti-Vaccination Movement

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Some important links below pertaining to the Anti-Vaccination movement.






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Issue Brief, 7 – Mindfulness


Tonight – I’ll be on The Rundown Hosted by Hunter Dubis & Skylar Budman AT 9:30 PM EST

You can check them out here – they’re a conservative outlet hosting their podcast The Rundown. Come and listen!


They’ll be live as well, so this will be completely unedited. As you all know I am left leaning in my politics, so I will be talking to those of an opposing ideology BUT debate is debate nonetheless, and starting a dialogue is key in the country right now.
You can expect them to come onto my own podcast as well in the coming days! So stay tuned.

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Issue Brief, 6 – National Service