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An excerpt from my cover letter |

My name is Raimondo Graziano. I am a young man currently living in New York City with a hope and ambition to one day serve the American people in some capacity. I am a hard worker, and I pride myself on my work ethic and my ability to complete a task, methodically and efficiently. I am an individual who does not shy from speaking his mind within reason, and raising concerns when and where appropriate.

I believe that integrity and honesty are characteristics that all responsible and ambitious individuals ought to try and embody; it is something that my great-grandfather, a veteran of the 2nd World War, and my family has taught me throughout the years. I carry their insights and their tenacity with me in all encounters as a testament to their values which I attempt to embody each and every day. In my studies I attempt to exemplify these very traits too. While working, I am taking classes as well to broaden my ability to earn, and perhaps most importantly, my applicable knowledge which aims to serve in truly any working place – whether an office or in the field.

I hope that you can join me on this journey that I am undertaking.

Thank you,

Raimondo Graziano