NEW SCHEDULE – Commences This Sunday!

The Old Howard Union, after a long hiatus will be back this Sunday with an updated schedule for the posting of all work that comes out!

SUNDAY at 10:30 AM, EVERY OTHER WEEK – A Small Film will be posted. It can be found here.

SUNDAY at 1:00 PM, EVERY SINGLE WEEK – An Article will be posted. The articles can be found here on the blog.

SUNDAY at 10:30 PM, EVERY SINGLE WEEK – Podcasts will be posted. Podcasts can be found here, here, AND here. As well they can be found directly on the site.


Hiatus Until the Week of July 28th

The Old Howard Union will be taking a hiatus until next week starting on July 28th, that week a new schedule will be announced for content moving forward. Thank you for your patience and support.


Book Published – A Poetry Collection

On The First Year: Poetry Anthology Concerning Love

It’s an anthology of poems concerning love dedicated to my girl. It is a compendium of poems, one for each day of the year, three hundred and sixty five in all. I hope you enjoy.

Paperback version forthcoming.


Tonight – I’ll be on The Rundown Hosted by Hunter Dubis & Skylar Budman AT 9:30 PM EST (7:30 PM CST)

You can check them out here – they’re a conservative outlet hosting their podcast The Rundown.

They’ll be live as well, so this will be completely unedited. As you all know I am left leaning in my politics, so I will be talking to those of an opposing ideology BUT debate is debate nonetheless, and starting a dialogue is key in the country right now.


No Posts for the Remainder of the Week

I’ll be dealing with work these next few days, and taking some time to take care of a few things at home. See you next week. Thanks for the support!