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73 – An Analysis of The HEALS Act; Introduced by Senate Republicans

There is a war going on in Congress right now. Some may say too little, too late. The war is the push and pull between Senate Republicans & House Democrats on the issue of continued aid to the American people, and the states with the ongoing crisis that is COVID-19. The American public is reeling from the ramifications of the crisis and all that has come from it – mass unemployment, a grinding halt to economic productivity, and the revealing of structural issues that were here long before the crisis, which the crisis has only shone a light on. Today, we are going to discuss the HEALS Act, the Senate Republicans response to the growing need to answer the moment that is now. 

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  2. Analysis of the HEALS Act –https://www.cnet.com/personal-finance/heals-act-senate-stimulus-bill-offers-1200-check-and-other-benefits-how-they-could-help-monday/
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  4. Summary of provisions within the HEALS Act – https://www.acenet.edu/Documents/HEALS-Act-Short-Summary.pdf


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