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71 – Biden, Why His Pick for Vice-President is Crucial

It is no understatement to say that Vice President Biden’s plans for if he makes it to the Presidency are ambitious. The prospect of keeping the house and possibly taking the senate leaves the door open to a chance to reform and revitalize the middle class and American workers. Looming behind this ambition? Who Vice President Biden will choose to be his Vice President. At 78 years old, this candidate will be one of the most consequential choices for President in history.

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1. Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential Pick: Who’s in the Running? https://nyti.ms/2YZXzCb

2. The Real Reason Biden Is Ahead of Trump? He’s a Man https://nyti.ms/3g4znpp

3. Biden Tax Plan Targets Profitable Companies Paying Almost Nothing https://www.wsj.com/articles/biden-tax-plan-targets-profitable-companies-that-pay-almost-nothing-11595848477

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