Film – A Portrait of Nature

The small film can be found here, be sure to follow for continued updates!

The politicians of the world, our elected representatives, our dually appointed ministers, cabinet officials, secretaries and the rest of the ruling, political elites of the world have let the people down. They have stained the high ideals of their office. They have pillaged the coffers rightfully belonging to the people. They have lined their pockets. They have enriched themselves while the rest of us starve and yearn for a meal, or a place to sleep for the night. They sign accords, and laud their great accomplishments. But they have done little. This is not a portrait of nature. But of nature deformed, unfinished, and grotesque. We have allowed this to happen. Perhaps the day will come when we will say, no more. No more. No more.
Philip Glass Etude No. 12

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