Film – To Work In The City no. 3

The small film can be found here, be sure to follow for continued updates!


Hard work – what does it mean? It’s a phrase we throw around often, perhaps haphazardly without recognizing the deep meaning behind the very simple phrase. What is hard work? What does it mean? When a person does that which is difficult, without complaint, when they get up in the morning and lift themselves from bootstraps facing insurmountable odds for a higher cause – be it their communal values, or their families, or to secure a better tomorrow for themselves. Hard work is a value which we extol often, but we often lay the wreath at the feet of those who are undeserving. Remember the mothers or fathers married or otherwise , doing the hard work of raising a family, remember the workers, native or migrant in the factories or mills, in the mines or in the fields. Remember the servers, in the bars, restaurants and diners at odd hours of the night, remember the soldiers serving overseas defending our shores. Remember those who are doing the hard work of keeping the nation moving, keeping the wheels going, keeping hope, duty, values and meaning alive.


William Tell Overture
And She Was, Carlos Cipa (Classical)

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