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30 – Clayton Patterson Unfiltered

An interview with Clayton Patterson about his life, his experiences not just in New York, but over the course of his life. From young, Clayton had a great love of art and through trials and much effort he rose in the art world and soon found himself armed with a camera docuementing the decline of the Lower East Side and the Rise of Gentrification as well corruption within the Police Department- BUT above all, Clayton Patterson chose to document the COMMUNITY. He chose to document the lives of the people seldom seen.

And if he has one piece of advice to impart – “Anyone can do what I did, get out there and do it. And dont give me any excuses.”

(!)Please be advised, some explicit language(!)


1. NO!art Movement
2. Clayton Patterson Film – CAPTURED (FULL)
3. Clayton Patterson Filmed Riots – 1988 Police Riots
4. Clayton’s Extensive Archives

Show Notes

2:18 – The Formative Years of Clayton Patterson
3:50 – The Basis of Questioning Authority
10:55 – Introductions to Art
13:32 – Art & Teaching
15:44 – First Trip to New York City
23:34 – Printmaking
25:32 – The Begining of Gentrification in New York City
29:32 – 1982
31:00 – The Start of Clayton’s Photography
32:42 – Photography of the Community
33:00 – Documenting the Life of the Community
35:22 – “Anyone can do what I do”
36:00 – What the Camera, and People Controlled Media Can Do
37:22 – Introduction to the Video Camera
39:32 – How Much The City Has Changed Over the Years
39:28 – 1988 New York City Police Riots
41:33 – Koch and His Reaction to The Riots
42:22 – Refusal to Hand Over the Tapes and the Ensuing Struggle With Authority
47:58 – Crew Tactics of the Police Department
51:55 – “Little Brother is Watching Big Brother”
52:58 – The Country Takes The Video Cameras to the Steeets
54:22 – The Begining of the Consolidation of the Police Force Into What We Know Today BEGAN in the Lower East Side
*1:00:27 – War in the Neighborhood
1:01:17 – Cracking Down on NYC’s Corners
1:02:25 – Cracking Down on Opportunity in NYC for Inner City Youth
1:04:10 – Trump As A Portrait For How The Wealthy and Elite Have Utter Priviledge To Do What They Want
1:05:00 – A Sidetrack to 1989
1:12:00 – Heading to the Politcal Conventions, and Primaries
1:15:00 – Salacious Rumours Against Clayton Patterson
1:32:02 – Advice to Young Adults Purusing Activism, Art and
1:34:06 – “Make No Mistake, You Have POWER”
1:33:00 – Wrapping It Up!
1:33:52 – Clayton’s Extensive Archives
1:34:00 – Recent Interests in Documenting Tattoos

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