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28 – Utter Scandal and Lies, Exposing Corruption in NYCHA With Louis Flores

Louis is an LGBT activist and data reporter. His activism and writing have been covered by The New York Times, The Advocate, The New York Daily News, and the French magazine Têtu. Louis was the publisher of the online news Web site, Progress Queens.

An advocate for government reform, Louis is working with others to code a transparency reporting app, C’est Vrai, that will be the backbone for Progress New York, a new investigative journalism cooperative in New York.

Tonight he will be talking about his efforts to bring transparency to New York and the corruption that persists in NYCHA, New York City’s Public Housing.

Show Notes

02:09 – The corrupt role of money in politics.

02:16 – Corruption in NYC & NYS.

03:27 – Privatization of NYCHA.

06:02 – Real-Estate contributions to Mayor DeBlasio.

06:17 – The effect of privatization of NYCHA on residents.

12:02 – FIGHT for NYCHA.

12:27 –Normal Siegel.

14:05 – Conditions of residents of NYCHA housing.

14:56 What is a FOIL request?

1 thought on “28 – Utter Scandal and Lies, Exposing Corruption in NYCHA With Louis Flores”

  1. Great interview — st vincent’s hospital city council w/ the exception of Charles Barron and Tony Avella voted against the People who elected them pushing Rudin Greed blood condos instead of a replacement Trauma Level 1 hospital– Scott Stringer than Manhattan borough pres betrayed voters refusing protective zoning — so Louis Flores makes brilliant points and exposing devastating corruption and horrific abuses NYCHA while People’s voice are not heard and as St Vincent’s hospital turned in to Rudin Blood condos show us when People are allowed to comment the community board, city council, borough president ax mayor betrayed voters! The app tracker can expose patterns of corruption and hold officials accountable!

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