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27 – A Conversation With The Other Side, Featuring The Hosts of The Rundown

Tonight we will have on the hosts of The Rundown, a conservative media group, who hosts a podcast as well weekly live shows where they talk about some of the most important issues of the day from a conservative perspective. We have dialogued from some time, and I have been a contributor on their live show as well, and today they are to talk about the divides in this country, and how it is we are to bridge them – as well as other topics. Please see the show notes below for topic information, as well as links to their pages as well. Comments are welcome. 

The Rundown Media Group – https://therundownmg.com/

The Rundown Live Shows – https://www.facebook.com/TheRundownMG/

Show Notes

02:37 – American’s viewing the other side of their political persuasion as an “enemy”


03:30 – The Fairness Doctrine


03:32 – The Rise of Ring-Wing Media


05:26 – Media conglomerates in The United States


10:53 – Americans views on abortion.


15:53 – Do Republican policies support upward mobility?


16:26 – Do entitlement programs with “cut-offs” work better?


17:24 – The 2nd Gilded Age in America today


17:37 – Is Capitalism working today in America?


18:06 – Do corporations pay their fair shares in taxes?


20:53 – Google & their work with the Chinese government


21:06 – Chinese stipulations regarding American companies working in their country


21:24 – Censored search engine being worked on currently


21:27 Zuckerberg deposition to Congress

21:35 – Are corporations “above the law”?


26:51 – Elizabeth Warren and her proposal to break up the major tech companies

32:02 – Suzannah B. Troy – NYC Activist

32:13 – Kim Ann – Real Talk With The Angry Soccer Mom

33:11 – Social media and the bubble of confirmation bias today

34:53 – Bill Maher on reaching out to conservative listeners


36:21 – Ben Shapiro


38:50 – Beto O’Rourke getting questioned by a college students about financial disclosures


44:30 – VOCAL-NY, a local community organization in Brooklyn servicing the needs of the NYS community.

44:08 – 45:32; My apologies for the background noise, constant sirens are a fact of living in New York City.

46:49 – The Facts on Safe Injection (Consumption)  Spaces





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