Piece 35 – Brexit, A Sign of the Times

Brexit – A Sign of the Times
By. Raimondo Graziano

The British Exit from the European Union is an unmitigated disaster. It is a failure on the part of the European nations to adequately argue the numerous benefits- economically, politically, socially, culturally and most importantly for continued lasting peace – they have failed to convey the message that unity among the nations of Europe is the greatest guarantor of peace and prosperity. They have failed and are now in the midst of the greatest threat the institution has faced since its inception. For years now, spurred on by the wars to the south, in the Middle East, that have worked to systematically destabilize the region have led to a mass migration of peoples seeking refugee from the harshest of realities they face each day.

This coupled with the greatest threat to laborers in all industries – the mass automation and introduction of new means of production and servicing the industries of the international community through means other than human capital have spurred mass nationalist movements across the post-industrialized world which has worked to undermine the democratic institutions and norms set after the Second World War. Brexit, as the short sighted policy rashness has been colloquially termed, is but another example of the breakdown in this order – and the nations of the West stand idly by as it happens – tossing it to the idea that the “will of the people” will prevail. That the will of a rash, irresponsible, near sighted and utterly self interested mob… will reign.

The last two years the entire process of the withdrawal had been nothing short of an absolute mockery of the tradition of parliament, and an affront to the Democratic ideals the English hold closely. The choice to hold such a referendum in the first place has gone against the very national interest of The United Kingdom itself, and the choice by then Prime Minister Cameron to resign whereas to remove blame from himself on the debacle that was to follow was cowardly. By removing himself from the situation and allowing for someone else to preside over the arraignment was politically motivated, and a national disgrace. Cameron was not to deliberate over the very process he started.

Today the process has become only more complicated as May flits from Brussels to London and back again in search of a favorable deal for The United Kingdom. The only favorable deal for The United Kingdom to remain and work internally using its clout on the European continent and within the market to implement and work for reforms instead of turning it’s back on the promise of a unified Europe. Together, the people of Europe can prevail in shoring up the institutions of Democracy and Liberty that here in the states we are losing sight of.

The United States is ceding international leadership, and The Peoples Republic of China and The Russian Federation cannot take the reigns. Europe, The European Union can fill this void though united and collaborative leadership. The United Kingdom can accomplish more and provide for a greater standard of living by remaining in the Union. May has truly tarnished the image of the country abroad and has turned her entire tenure in office about this issue of exit from the Union. She has received more than enough consideration from Parliament in the numerous votes surrounding her dealings, all of which have been struck down, resoundingly, and while she is afforded the constant benefit of the doubt the people cannot be granted the decency of a second referendum. The British exit from the European Union is more than national politics – it has implications across the world. Their exit would be short sighted, and not in the international interests of the Western ideals of liberty and the promotion of democracy – their exit would only precipitate and fasten their increasing decline.

A second referendum should be held. The leaders of the United Kingdom must come to understand that their actions effect the world and not only the short sighted political gains of simply one nation and its “national interests”. The world of national interests has ended, all our actions collectively work to either help or work against the people of the world. Don’t do what is politically expedient, think of the world and of all people. Remain, and work to better the institution you helped you forge instead of reneging on your obligations. Remain.

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