Piece 6; General James Norman Mattis For President: The Man, the American, for the Hour By. Raimondo Graziano

General James Norman Mattis For President:

The Man, the American, for the Hour

By. Raimondo Graziano

~ Written sometime after the 2016 Presidential Election; though its pertinence to the upcoming election persists. Especially in light of possible primary challenges to the President. While I support Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid for the nomination to the Democratic ticket, I would be interested in a run from Mattis. 


The country is in a moment in its history that will be considered what White House strategist Steve Bannon has called a turning. Though not in his own interpretation. While Bannon is correct in his assumption that the United States is fundamentally changing, he is wrong on who is waging the true war for the soul of the nation. While it is true the United States is engaged in an ideological war with Islam, though the pundits won’t say it; a war on terror is masquerading as a war on Islam, semantics and money may be the source of all ill, the truth is just now revealing itself. Hate and fear are normalized while innocent people are thrown into a whirlwind of intergovernmental geopolitical warfare. And people are forced to shop, and work, and live lives of consumption, stuck in cycles of distraction and subversion from truth, made to make things important that, in truth, matter little.

We’ve come to idolize and admonish those that make money, watching their steps and moves unfold, meanwhile we the observers opt to live lives where we ourselves don’t seek to higher ambitions, rather we live vicariously through celebrities and modern day jazz swingers and flappers, drink in hand and joint in pocket, we feel as if we’ve accomplished something. But if we step out of this scene here, we see the reality of the country and world we are living in high. Hyper division. Hyper partisanship. Hyper wealth be income inequality. An increasingly, dangerously nuclear armed world. The streets of the nation’s cities are rife with homelessness, poverty, despair and hate. In this society of our love and affection for devices, we have disconnected with each other, and grown attached to a cold, cold world. Look up from your lap or your middle chest and you’ll see people walking down the streets, onyx and silver monoliths in hand, coils in their ears. Completely detached from the homeless man or woman, mother and child, elderly man, sleeping on a strip of cardboard while snow and ice surround him. Shameful. Though Bannon should take heed and solace in the fact that he has predicted the turning of something tumultuous in the gloves history. The collapse of America as a democracy.

The possibility is real, and the concern is warranted. The man residing in the office, seated in a chair that wields responsibility tantamount to the pantheons of the Ancient Greek and Roman gods; a seat that holds power both physically and symbolically. Arguably, more so for the latter than the former.  What comes next? What comes next is the paramount question in our current situation. That is the question that should be on the mind of any American that wishes to see this experiment continue for generations that will know of men and women who have touched the surface of the red planet, Mars. It is in my opinion that General Mattis, the current secretary of defense of the United States armed forces, should ascend to the presidency. Trump and Pence should abdicate their roles, Speaker Ryan and the President Pro-Tempore should recuse themselves from the matter, and the Secretary of State ought to exclude himself from the consideration of the presidency out of respect for his numerous conflicts of interests that would arise from his dealings with Exxon, and the same can be said for the Secretary of the Treasury; next in line. If this succession of events was to occur, the presidency would be secured by Mattis, arguably the only sober, reasonable, dedicated, worthy American; a man who has dedicated his life to the service and protection of the American public, and the allies of our decades old alliances established after the Second World War.

These are the stakes. The East is indeed rising, China and Russia as well and Iran are emergent powers who subscribe to an entirely different world view then our western Eurocentric frame of mind. The foundations of the Western liberal order are indeed threatened greatly, soils foundations that have braved harsh winds for thousands of years, are currently under increasing global pressure. The torch of the West’s freedom and liberty are carried and passed between the nations of Europe, before and after Christ. There was Greece and Rome, the Church, France, England, and up until as recently as last November 8th, The United States. What most be understood is that, globalism, is a force of the west, it is the next iteration of democracy; the slow push towards global governance, which now may seem inconceivable, very well in the near days ahead become reality. In this last election, the West experienced its greatest blow in thousands of years, tantamount to great turmoil at the height of the Roman Empire.

What must be done to preserve the hope for a continued grasp of western word order, is to put General Mattis at the helm of the executive. To understand the manner in which Mattis will govern, read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. The only Roman Emperor to be both a general, littered with honor, and a philosopher. The innovocation of the 25th amendment must occur now if we hope to preserve the continued position this country and its allies hold on the global stage. The American Empire has been compared to the Roman. The similarities and rhythms of time lend truth to such statements. In times of crisis the Roman Senate would elect a man to lead the nation, a man of distinguished and distinct character. There most notable, and perhaps fateful; Julius Caesar.

Mattis exemplifies a man of quality, rare in these days; not a politician, not a man dedicated to the dollar, no; to the people. Mattis would act as a sobering compromising voice in both the legislative community and the judicial community as he is sworn to uphold the constitution in his swearing in as president, but perhaps more importantly in his role as a soldier, the sacrifices and commitments of which are like no other.


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