Piece 34; Venezuela: Opportunity in Crisis By. Raimondo Graziano

Venezuela: Opportunity in Crisis

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written roughly a week ago, unpublished work and has not been seen until now. 

There is a crisis a few thousand miles from our border – perhaps the greatest humanitarian crisis we have seen since the plight of the Syrians in their struggle for liberty or the devastation that brought death to thousands upon thousands in Yemen. The crisis is utterly unprecedented given the economic success and vibrancy of its once thriving cities and people.

Venezuela – Just south of our border due to rising inflation – the likes of which have not been seen before – mismanaged fiscal policy coupled with a President bent on furthering his grip on power is bringing unto the people of this nation untold hardships and economic destitution. Economists estimate that the impact on the people is greater than that of the effects of The Great Depression and the Fall of the Soviet Union. Crime has risen greatly, and the cost of living is untenable. Basic goods and services have become completely unaffordable forcing people to flee en masse from Venezuela. How did this happen? And what is it that the United States of America ought to do?

This question has gripped not only the people of Venezuela but the people of this nation as well. Our country has been in the midst of numerous wars and overseas engagements in the last seventy years since the end of the Second World War. Countless American lives have been lost, and it has taken a toll on the people, our fiscal responsibilities, and our image across the international community. In the last twenty years alone, we have been engaged in two major wars – one, though many people would not even bat an eye at this, is still going on. The longest war in American history, the war in Afghanistan. Not to mention the numerous smaller deployments of troops into different theatres across the globe.


Many Americans are damn near sick and tired of the seemingly endless confrontations we find ourselves in. If you look out across the world you can see a tenuous and weary community and collection of people – all around people are struggling from immense economic inequality, poltical and social repression and oppression, and you have these microcosmic examples of what is to come. The conflicts in Venezuela, India and Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, the Brittish exit from the European Union, the rise of illiberalism – all around you can see the pieces in a greater narrative. The old order is fading away, and rapidly and the people, as they always are will be left in the lurch.

Venezuela is not the issue, but part of a broader more nuanced issue, crisis really. Institutionally the world is buckling under the weight of it’s own bureaucracy, morally and socially we are today more apathetic and inward than ever before when we should be reaching out and caring more for the international community. We have lost ourselves in a world where we can only seek to understand each other and ourselves to a greater extent than previously thought. We have come so far, and we have brought ourselves to the brink once more. The world is in peril, and Venezuela is only a small paragraph in this narrative.

The United States of America has an obligation, whether it’s people see the greater benefit for the good of all, or not to do something not only in Venezuela but across the world to stem the crisis that is the 21st Century. It is only a matter of time before the people this nation begin to truly comprehend the plight of the world beyond our shores – the Atlantic and the Pacific separate us only insofar as the rest of the nations of the world maintain their houses – and many, many are falling like ones built of straw. Already with the election of this President, Donald J. Trump, we can see the effects of populism which has gripped Europe reaching our shores.

Many are scared across the world of these times of momentous change. They have turned to authoritarians and nationalists to find security and comfort. There are those who know better – while the former only seek to broaden their power, the latter knows there is a greater way. A more just path forward for all – not for one nationality, but for the one race – the human race.

Firstly, The United States has an obligation to reinvoke the Monroe Doctrine in regards to South America and to Central America. There are foreign powers bent on upending the established order erected from the ruin of the Second World War, and while imperfect, its promise and ideals represent the greatest hope for peace and universal prosperity mankind has ever known. While we may slowly shift our policy focus back to the homeland, we must pay special attention, and keep in regard the nations of the Western Hemisphere – we must work to ensure that hostile foreign adversaries stay far from our interests of preserving democracy and unity among nations. The Maduro government is one that is backed by the autocratic powers of the world – Russia, China, Turkey, and Iran. We must not let the people of Venezuela be swindled by their false ideology of nationalism and strength of the strong man.

We must work like Colombia has to welcome in migrants and refugees, to open our borders to those seeking refuge – we miss the great opportunity of building lasting support for the United States among the peoples of the world when we turn away from them in their direst times of need. We must open our borders, provided these people who we welcome into the bosom of American Liberty partake in civics courses, integrating them into a clearly defined American culture – a culture built upon the peoples of the world and their storied pasts. If we are to allow people en masse into our nation, we must fully and completely, verifiably and justly integrate them into the fold of the American cultural, social and political system.

Likewise we must work to form a League of Nations, a Federation of Nation States whose aim is to internationally counteract the aims of the Chinese Belt and Road and Maritime Silk Road initiative – whose underlying purpose is to spread the authoritarian beliefs of the Communist Party of China, and to rope nations into submission through investments and debt. We must work as they do for our own institutions – tirelessly and not missing the opportunity inherent in Venezuela to build a lasting movement for peace, liberty and liberation the world over.

We must build up Venezuela through these means – and of course, this will require great military pressure. From the stationing of troops in Colombia, to the placement of naval assets off its shores, to the movement of aircraft around the Venezuelan nation. No great quest for peace or for lasting unity has ever been won without conflict or the threat of. The United States of America is a military power who seldom uses its might for just ends – Venezuela can be the start.

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