Piece 29; The United Nations & World Federalism Unity & Understanding Between All Nation States Now By. Raimondo Graziano

The United Nations & World Federalism

Unity & Understanding Between All Nation States Now

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written sometime a year ago, this is unpublished work – it has not been seen prior.

For centuries the idea of a world governmental order has been played with and salivated over by intellectuals, theorists, artists and dreamers alike. Where there has been hardship and heartache, where the answers of one single sovereign where simply not enough there were those who looked to something greater and larger to address the issues that our very existence hinges upon. From Dante’s Monarch to Hobbes Leviathan, the grand hope for a leader to preside over all the corners of the world has festered in the minds of the hopefuls and would-be despots. While today the idea of single man or woman residing in the seat of all vested power internationally is ludicrous, with the possibility for corruption staggering, and utterly undemocratic – the idea of an international body representative of all peoples to greater progress the entirety of man has settled in large in the hearts and minds of men; especially since the end of the first world war, and the second.

In lieu of nation states, a global body where all citizens are apart of a common brotherhood of man, who share in all the rights afforded under the charter of the United Nations, and with the backing of binding law, enshrined in law. The need for a greater expanded United Nations and an international parliamentary congress has been heightened intensely in the face of the perils we face in the twenty first century, and most importantly, in the next. A federation of states, similar to that of these United States, however, on a grand international weaving of the states of the world into one united body has been the ambition of the World Federalist Movement, the ideal of the League of Nations, and the inevitable, and justifiable end for the United Nations.

The majority of people all around the world seek to live their lives for their families, and for the hope of both growing their own wealth and leaving opportunities for their children that they themselves would not otherwise have. There is great disparity in the living standards for the Western Nations of the world, and the developing world – a great deal of wealth and opportunity is simply not afforded to many nations and peoples across the world. A union, a federation of states internationally under binding international law would crush barriers to trade, mobility and be a central step toward the dire need for world peace. Peace has always been in the favor of the peoples of the world, but now more so than ever, as the question of our existence in the next fifty, hundred and with the optimism of human resolve, the next thousand years. We face crises today that find their roots throughout all of our history, and quickly and thunderously many of these questions are coming to a head. In other words, we are at the cliffs edge for this human project of ours.

Economic cooperation between nations lessens the risk of war, cooperation on human rights, the eradication of poverty, and the overall improvement of the lives of all persons cooperatively between the governments of the world under a binding supranational authority will indeed lessen the risk of war. The integration of our security forces into a world defensive arm will ensure the laws that establish peace remain enforced. An International Union of Labor representative of all workers ensuring and internationally normalizing equal pay, fair wages, and societal necessities in our ever-changing world. All these things and more, the limits of this system are only confined by a surplus or lack thereof of human imagination, ingenuity and spirit; the greater expanse of all that this ideology encompass can be a part of the next wave of international federalism, only through the expansion of our only truly democratic international body, the United Nations, can peace and stability and a sustainable future be secured for all coming time for all people now and forever.

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