Piece 25; The Reality of a Trump Presidency Distrust, and Verify By. Raimondo Graziano

The Reality of a Trump Presidency

Distrust, and Verify

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written about a month after the 2016 Presidential election. 

It has been almost a month since the election of Donald J. Trump to the presidency of the United States. For months, the American people were told by our media that Trump was not going to secure the Republican nomination. He did. We were told that he would pivot to the general election, that the rhetoric and comments, not to mention the campaign proposals, would be softened as he approached the general. He did not. In many cases, the rhetoric was toned up –  an appeal to his base. We were told with great confidence that the man who has called for a registry and ban on Muslims into this country, the man who has advocated for torture, the man who, when in an intelligence briefing asked three times why we could not use our nuclear weapons, would not be the 45th President of the United States. Of course, this too was wrong.

Which is why it is vitally important that every American understand fully who our next president is. There is no moderate Trump, there is no primary Trump, there is no general election Trump, there is no presidential Trump. People that seek office do not dramatically mold and alter their views to sate the political climate, as the media would have you believe. There were two faulty ideas perpetuated throughout much of the campaign. Firstly, that Donald Trump’s rhetoric was simply a ploy for the primaries, an attempt to stir up the base. That in and of itself is alarming based off the primary campaign rhetoric and debates, that this was the voice and sentiments he was effectively ‘tapping into,’ all the while, the media condoning it as political play. Though they lambasted him and did all in their power to subvert him, it may have been done to a detriment, simply feeding his argument that the ‘system’ is rigged. Though the people he would blame did not bear the brunt of the burden. Secondly, that when Donald J. Trump was nominated he would ‘pivot’ and move to the center on issues, to rally support from those ever-changing undecided voters. Though the idea of a pivot was a hotly debated, as some would say he did, though the evidence was to the contrary. What we did see coming is now reality. We cannot forget this lesson – oftentimes what you see and hear, is exactly what you’ll get. Already in the man’s cabinet we are seeing a slew of individuals who have been accused of blatant racism and xenophobia (Bannon – Chief Strategist, Sessions – Nominee for Attorney General) and a reluctance to distance himself from his many business holdings.

So let me lay out in full detail what I assume we will see in the Presidency of Donald J. Trump based off of what the man has said on the campaign, being that we have not much else to pin his political beliefs and leanings on, and being that the old repeated lie that the man will surprise us with his ability to pivot, is false. All statements made herein are factual, and a list of sources is accompanied with the publishing of this piece. Please, read for yourselves as I have, and see the man who is to assume the presidency for what he is.

Let’s start with the flurry of endorsements over the long course of this campaign. And before I begin, for those that say Trump has no say in his endorsements, that he cannot pick and choose who supports him, I say that is false and you know it, and you’re only helping to perpetuate falsehoods. In order for a person to endorse you, you must have either offered some sort of incentive, or, and this seems to be the more likely case in Trump’s position, that what he is saying is resonating with those whom he is receiving endorsements from. Donald J. Trump has received an endorsement from the Ku Klux Klan, from the Chinese Communist party, Serbian criminal Vojislav Seselj, Greek Neo-Nazi leader Ilias Panagiotaros, white supremacist leader August Kreis III endorsed Trump during a hearing and conviction on the molestation of a child, of all places to offer an endorsement. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has praised the “wise politician” Donald J. Trump. Un being a man responsible for the continued subjugation and suffering of his people, keeping himself and his nation in total isolation from the international community. Noted Russian Far Right nationalist Aleksander Dugin, a man touted by a Foreign Affairs publication as being the brain of Vladimir Putin, a man who invaded the sovereign territory of the Ukraine, endorsed Donald J. Trump. And on the subject of Putin’s Russia, their meddling in our elections is widely noted, and the interference in any election by a foreign actor should be of concern to the citizens of the United States – especially so in light of Putin’s known ambitions in the Baltic States, and their resurgence militarily and economically. Russia under Putin has all to gain with the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, and not for the right reasons. The narrative that with Trump and Putin a new era of relations between Moscow and Washington will occur is historically misguided; the interests of the United States and Russia are often at odds, and these two men are not the men that can bring together two peoples who have been quarreling in a cold war for over half a century. Both men, evidenced by their actions, have a callous disregard for others, only concerned with their own personal ambitions and glory. These endorsements speak volumes as to the people whom Trump has emboldened and given credence to, perhaps not directly, but most assuredly Trump has given rise to a hateful, and a vindictive minority who are attempting to subjugate a hardworking people, preying on their insecurities and weaknesses and attempting to scapegoat the problems this nation faces. Attempting to outsource our problems to people who are not ‘us.’ The picture that Trump has painted of an “us versus them” narrative, it is idea that the demagogue exploits and uses for their own advantage. But, let us see just what Donald J. Trump has said and advocated for on the trail, what I believe will translate into policy and into action once he assumes the Presidency of the United States.

Donald J. Trump’s immigration plan has been deemed unconstitutional. Trump’s plan to ban the entry of all Muslims into the country has been deemed unconstitutional. Donald J. Trump has spoken of opening libel laws in the country, an affront to the 1st amendment. Going further, Trump has joked about the murder of journalists, expressing his “hate” for them, while saying he “would never kill them” as it would be “despicable.” In numerous cases, and from numerous perspectives, law scholars agree that in order to enact policy initiatives promoted and floated by Trump, violations of 1st Amendment, 5th Amendment, Bill of Rights, 14th Amendment, due process, equal protection, and the doctrine of enumerated and limited executive powers would need to occur. Donald J. Trump has advocated for the use of torture, and going further, the murder of women and children, the families of known terrorists. Trump has acknowledged that torture does not work, in line with the thinking of many prominent military strategists, however he doubled down on his own comment saying “Even if it doesn’t work, they probably deserved it.” Donald J. Trump has threatened to shoot Russian warplanes out of the sky, as well as Iranian naval vessels out of the water. Trump as far back as 2011 has advocated American forces seizing and maintaining control of Iraqi and Libyan oilfields, an attempt to “reimburse” ourselves for the security protections given to the region. And to ensure that those who say that those comments were made years prior are effectively silenced, this year Trump ran an ad expressing the desire to seize oilfields in Syria and Iraq in the current military operations against ISIS. In Syria, where Russian, Iranian and militant forces are engaged in open conflict, Trump has proposed putting 30,000 American troops on the ground, a stark difference from the talk of nation building at home, and not abroad.

This of course does not cover the numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct, as well as the many conflicts of interest the President-Elect has in his business holdings and how his ties to them will unfold in the coming weeks and months ahead as he begins to open channels of dialogue between world leaders, and diplomats. Nor does this cover the numerous instances of Trump himself inciting violence at his own rallies, and the numerous supporters of his who have stooped to using racial slurs and derogatory language and actions to those who do not share their beliefs. While there is intolerance to political views on both sides, violence of any kind is intolerable. And the words and actions that have been inspired by Trump, violence aimed against and in unity with Trump, are condemnable. Not only has Trump emboldened violence and hate against minorities and those who share dissenting opinion, he has elicited enough fear and anger from so many as to almost without even knowing it, encourage their violence against him because these people fear for their lives, and the wellbeing of our nation.

Likewise, this does not include the numerous instances of individuals who associate within the Trump campaign and have expressed their, what can only be described, as fringe beliefs. For your reference, here are some statistics of those who have said they support Donald J. Trump and participated in polling. According to Public Policy Polls:


  1. 60% Support banning Muslims from entering the United States (Unconstitutional)
  2. 50% Support the Confederate flag hanging on the capital grounds.
  3. 30% Support shutting down all mosques in the United States (Unconstitutional)
  4. 30% Wish the South won the civil war (Treason)
  5. 25% Islam should be illegal in the United States (Unconstitutional)
  6. 25% Support the policy of Japanese Internment (Unconstitutional)
  7. 20% Support banning homosexuals from entering the United States (Unconstitutional)
  8. 10% Say Whites are a superior race and 11% aren’t sure one way or another


According to a poll by The Economist:


  1. 15% disapprove of slavery being abolished and another 20% aren’t sure one way or another.
  2. 50% support the use of torture on foreign enemy combatants and another 25% aren’t sure one way or another.


I have laid out the reasons why every American ought to distrust and proceed with immense caution in regards to the next president of the United States. Do not forget the campaign, and the rhetoric of the trail – it is rooted in truth and the frankness and horror of the reality of our world, and we cannot toss aside the last year and all that was learned simply because the election is over and we must move on. Now is when the true work begins. The test of whether or not our people are capable of keeping the ideals and tenets of our republic alive in the face of a great struggle and a frankly dangerous man. Understand that we must have respect for our democratic process, yet at the same time, we must, while in the midst of uncharted waters, wade ahead, the torch of liberty in our hands. It is our responsibility to ensure that tyranny and autocracy never have their day on these shores. Take that as you may.



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