Piece 23; The Electoral College: How an Institution Meant to Block Demagogues Became Polluted by Money and Party Loyalty By. Raimondo Graziano

The Electoral College:

How an Institution Meant to Block Demagogues

Became Polluted by Money and Party Loyalty

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written around the time the Electoral College convened to cast their ballots to certify then President-Elect Donald J. Trumps election victory. 

It has been exactly two months since the Electoral College convened to cast their votes for the highest office in our republic. The newly sworn in Congress has convened and certified the results of the electoral college, amidst an ongoing investigation of the Russian government’s interference in our election, at one time unheard of. Despite surmounting evidence that points to the highest office of the Russian government directly ordering the finagling of our most precious freedom; our ability to vote with a reasonable expectation that the integrity of said systems is impregnable, impossible to influence or sway. And the President-Elect has done little to quell the growing concerns from both the left and the right regarding his personal ties to Russia, and what can be considered Russia-friendly cabinet choices, the administration taking on a conciliatory and laudatory tone towards an increasingly belligerent, bellicose aggressor in the European and Asian theatres. That is of course without mentioning the failure to release tax returns which could shed light on the mogul-turned-statesman’s financial vigor in regards to the bear of the East. However, all this is immaterial. The election results have been legally certified, all efforts to cause an upset have gone to no avail. Firstly, the denying of the current president-elect an electoral college victory, through an unprecedented campaign to mobilize a coalition of ‘faithless electors’. Horrifyingly, this was to no end. In fact, and with a slight touch of poetic justice for the arrogance, and complacency of the Democratic Party, more ‘faithless electors’ defected from Secretary Clinton. Secondly the attempt this week to raise objections to the President-Elect through the congressional certifying of the electoral college results, that effort was squashed by the sitting Vice President.

And now many idyllic young men and woman, average citizens as well as policy experts, legal analysts, and those situated in every corner of government are asking the question; What has happened to our democracy and why despite the staggering and crippling evidence that points to the President-Elect’s complete ineptitude, incompetence, arrogance and egotism; all disqualifying factors for the Presidency of these United States, then why does he now stand less than a month from assuming the role as, arguably, the most influential man, globally. The answer is twofold, forked and divided, much like the nation now. Firstly, and most importantly, the amount of influence and sheer power that the dollar has in Washington, is staggering. Not only do special interests, and the wills and whims of business, Wall St, Pharmaceuticals, and the defense industry have tangible impacts on the average lives of American citizens, the citizenry is subject to hardships because of the companies bottom-line. And the fact of the matter is this; money and the want and desire of it, completely and utterly incomprehensible to me, how something that while it does have value, something when looked long term is so unimportant to the vast needs of the global community, how that piece of paper can shake the very foundations of political society and economically and metaphysically. buy both public opinion, loyalty, elections, services, goods, people, votes, morals…dignity.

Washington is overflowing with lobbyists, and those who would talk a good game regarding policy and providing help and aid to communities, meanwhile they line their pockets, fill the coffers of the business patrons whom they represent, and whom they’ll have a career with after their vacation in the congress, because lobbying is a revolving door in this country, and the push and sway of these many industries has diluted the power and intentions vested in our sacred institutions by the constitution of the United States. The President Elect has played into the atmosphere in Washington, waging a war both on congress whipping them into submission, the Republican Party, or what is left of it, at least and the American people, coaxing them into his arms by tapping into their anger and discontent with Washington. Meanwhile he fills the cabinet and political appointments with close allies and friends, and those who would stamp on and rollback the many progressive policies of the last eight years. While imperfect in many regards, progress is a slow wind. We must understand that the President Elect is in the unique position to leverage support from congress to pass what I suspect will be most of his agenda. Republicans for the first time in nearly a decade, effectively control the three branches of government. In the past election, they gained governorships, house and senate seats now bringing total control to thirty-two, two hundred and forty-seven, and fifty-four respectively. Many of those in the Republican party owe their continued stays or newfound positions to the popularity of the President-Elect and populist dysphoria that he brought with him on the trail through the streets, radios, and television f every American citizen.

Make no mistake, despite the popular belief that the popular tendency in the country, liberalism, is solid in its continued support from the Corporate sector of the country, it is woefully not. You see, money makes everything malleable, while corporations may push the policies of liberals openly and to the public, in part with the promotion of their products, because that is all they truly provide, at the end of the day, their interests lie in increasing the dividends for their stockholders and the pay of their highest and most respected executives, while the rest of us are forced to pick up the pieces of a broken, and disillusioned world. Despite the campaign rhetoric and the corporate support that Secretary Clinton received, in the end business will profit from the supposed ‘pro-growth; tax policies of the incoming administration, not to mention the easing of regulation and restrictions meant to safeguard the environment in an increasingly volatile climate. It behooves those who are in the Republican party to ‘tow-the-line’ when it comes to the coming votes on crucially important pieces of legislation. Their policies will provide revenue for the corporations whose favor they court, which in turn will allow them to build what they refer to as ‘war-chests’ to remain in political office and wage campaigns for reelection against an astoundingly divided Democratic party. The moneyed interests of the nation won out. None can resist the pull of the mighty dollar. And it seems that even the most sacred institution of our democracy, the pillar that ensures the smooth and peaceful transition of power as well as the most sacrosanct duty of judging the character and fitness of the commander-in-chief; even this institution is not safe from the tentacles of the world’s most fantastic and cunning manipulator; the dollar and all that that implies.

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