Piece 16; The 2nd Amendment: A Call to Reform A Symptom of Greater Problems Ahead By. Raimondo Graziano

The 2nd Amendment: A Call to Reform

A Symptom of Greater Problems Ahead

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written sometime after the 45th President’s Inauguration 


It is not an understatement to say that in this country, there is a massive divide between those who support the 2nd Amendment, and those who would have it removed from the constitution. There are those who have called for reform and often these voices are drowned out by the louder more virulent ones calling for either an expansion of the rights of those who bear arms as a precautionary measure to those bureaucrats who would seize them all, and those who are indeed advocating for both seizure and nonproliferation of them in their entity. Now obviously, we have come to an impasse here. The nation is divided on which direction it feels confident to move in. The nation is in a crisis of both moral leadership on it issues, and a crisis of identity – what nation and people will we choose to be in the decades ahead. Who are we really as citizens of the United States of America?

Besides my own personal belief that a direction ought to be chosen, and the policy of such, not reversed by the next election, that there must be concrete and lasting policy if the United States is to be a competent and reliable actor upon the world stage; it has become quite clear not only in this debate in the country but on a wider national range of issues that firstly something must be done – substantial and not simply an empty promise, or weightless action – something with gravity. Secondly, there must be those who are willing to compromise and their must be those who are willing to graciously concede defeat and allow prevailing thought to have its day.

The issues of both gun reform and gun control in this country are wide and varied, with differing approaches offered on all sides. The people divided into those for and those against, the congressman that represent those for, and the congressman for those who are against. And of course, we have the lobbies funneling funds into advertisements aimed at coercing the peoples consent and beliefs to their view, and the funds that pour into the coffers of our elected officials – swaying them with greater verbosity than any one constituent. Unless that constituent has a sizeable check book, of course. There must be a meeting of minds, there must be those who can come together for common cause and both preserve our freedoms and safeguard our very lives.

Of course, for national measures to be undertaken the congress must act along with the states to ensure that universal standards are put into place across the country, we must work to ensure that the codes and restrictions of one of our states does not contradict, supersede or undermine the laws of another. Uniformity, and order when it comes to the talk of the lives of our children and the weapons we would use in armed combat, is of the utmost important. We cannot afford to leave room for maneuvering, and in some cases, blame being solely placed here on lobbies and opportunists, for finagling.

In short, our congress cannot afford to put politics before policy meant to bring peace, stability, order and general goodwill and welfare to the people. While we may never be able to divorce ourselves from this founding amendment to our guiding principles as a nation, a great reexamination of it and how we may apply it in our lives may be in order. Perhaps even education and understanding instead of divisive rhetoric. Perhaps comprehensive reform nationwide, instead of the laws and regulations differing from one state to the next forty-nine. While we cannot ignore our past, and the history, the storied history, that accompanies it – we can move judiciously, and prudently in a direction befitting a modern nation.


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