Piece 12; Our Society, Forward By. Raimondo Graziano

Our Society, Forward

By. Raimondo Graziano

Written sometime after the 2016 Presidential Election


Our society. Western, Eastern. The West verses all else. Judeo-Christian versus Islam. Us versus them. Humanity. What exactly is it, and what does it stand for? That is a question I’ve been struggling to think about, and come to a conclusion to recently given the circumstances of global instability unrest, and poverty; and of course, any conclusion is subjective in nature – there are those that say what we do now is normal, the way it works. We are all fine. I am not such a one. Why is it that the ailments of the previous century, and the centuries before it continues to follow us into this new world we are forging, while at the same time vast amounts of wealth that exist have never been higher, and access to information and resources has never been greater. Why is it that so many still suffer, and why is that we’ve grown closer and we as a species are more connected through the use of technology, but we are all more distant and disconnected, divided, than before? They say that in entropy, in any system, as times goes on and the wheels of history turn, as the axles and dials, and cogs and gears of time move forward – the system becomes more complicated and disorganized – that chaos and discord, disorder down to all basic functions of our lives, and institutions increase.

One can’t stop and wonder if the problems, insurmountable weights and pressures, can be truly fixed. Or, if this the fate of our society – collapse. But to think otherwise, to think there may be another way, that there may be an alternative fact, a difference in approach – is a method of those that dream, that hope. And it may be those that dream and see a different world that can fix it. It may seem impossible from this juncture, inconceivable even. But I dare all people to see differently. To step outside of themselves and see our potential as a collective. Dare to think different, to be different; to hope. But before we can do this, we must recognize the way in which our society of consumption works. And the road to humanity’s recovery, comes first with recognizing, objectively there is a problem with the way in which our society operates. Recognition is the first movement towards reconciling with our collective past. And it is that, that we must all endeavor to do, to secure a future for the generations that we all believe will come, but at this point in our history, we are widely unsure if that will be the case. It is this we must do to save ourselves, from ourselves. Endeavor to understand.

The way in which to mend our society comes not from outside of ourselves, but through our resolve to see a world that is not yet present – a vision of a world where man wrestles nature, tames it, and sculpts a world for all peoples where all peoples have an opportunity, and have access to the tools and means to build a stable foundation for themselves. Too much of the world lives in poverty, in agony, in pain and there is an absence of love. The concept of a God intrigues me deeply. For I don’t think it is a bearded man, draped in fine robes in the sky watching down wistfully, and stoically, marveling at his creation or weeping at our faults – rather it is something, a certain something unexplainable and indescribable that lives and breathes through each and every person is this reality we reside in. Man, like most things he comes into contact with, distorts and corrupts it. And just like with the concept of a, the, or the God, corrupted and used a means of waging war and driving wedges between our species infinitely connected by one single thread – we all reside here, we all wish the best for our families, for our friends, and for our homes – all of which we share together; they call it the brotherhood man. And to stop the advance of entropy, and chaos, disorder is the hope of changing human nature which some say is impossible. I do not think that is so.

No one man, woman or child has single handedly taken the dial of history and moved it, though there are some that have touched it. And with enough hands, I believe we as a collective could do many a great thing. Just like with the concept of God, we have corrupted a great gift given to us whether by chance or by providence, we are squandering a great thing – this planet, the people on it, the resources found here, and the potential for us a species, as a collective of individuals all unique in our experiences, capabilities, and talents – all of which a piece of paper could never truly tell –  all willing to contribute and strengthen the bonds of humanity – and our time is fast running out. The window of chance to either turn back, or change course is closing and we risk closing the book for all time, disadvantaging generations that have yet to come and the promise for what they may bring. What I admire of people of faith, is that they have the audacity to believe in something fundamentally greater than themselves – and that’s the core of the human spirit and condition – to strive for the stars, and then some.

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