Piece 1; A Few Words on Secretary Clinton By. Raimondo Graziano

A Few Words on Secretary Clinton
By. Raimondo Graziano

~Written around the 2016 Presidential Election

The current election in the United States has drifted rather substantially from policy and has waded into smear and personal attacks of character on both sides of the major political parties. While these attacks offer a substantial glimpse into the personal lives of the two major candidates, the American people are being shortchanged by our major media outlets. The juggernaut that is the ‘media’ has galvanized, unlike any other time in the history of the United States, against the candidacy of the republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump. While to any rationally thinking, sane being, this at first obviously seems like the moral prerogative. However, the media and the political parties they donate to and advocate for, however indirectly, are setting a dangerous precedent and the American people are complicit in the compromise of proper journalism. While I fully support the candidacy of Secretary Clinton, to myself, and to many other Americans there are still blaring questions regarding the use of the secretary’s email server regardless of the ruling of the FBI, questions surrounding her conflicts of interest in regards to the Clinton Global Initiative and her tenure at the State Department. There are questions surrounding the recent round of leaks provided by Julian Assange and the contents of such which offer a glimpse into a Hillary Clinton that is starkly different from the one that the public is accustomed to seeing and hearing. The media is hammering, and tearing apart Donald J. Trump for his disparaging and offensive comments towards many Americans. While they have a justifiable cause for doing so, there is very little time spent on the issues that are concerning regarding Secretary Clinton. While the prospect of a Trump presidency are frightening to many average Americans, as well as numerous policy experts, generals, former Presidents, other world leaders and our own intelligence agencies, this does not give the Secretary, with all due respect, a pass.

My concern is that when this election is over, there will be a group of Americans who openly contest the legitimacy of the probable Clinton presidency. The media’s laissez-faire approach to Clinton’s tenure at the state department, conflicts of interest, the use of a personal server, and health concerns – all validated as viable concerns due to the leaks coming from Assange – is both frightening, and a major concern to those who support Donald J. Trump. And perhaps I am a being facetious, but I believe we sometimes forget these supporters are our fellow Americans as well. Firstly, we need to understand that these Americans are just as passionate and just as concerned about their country as those who choose to vote democrat. The media’s lack of attention to Secretary Clinton has helped to stoke the rumors that this election is ‘rigged’ and ‘bought.’ The argument that Sanders and Clinton supporters often cite is that it is the ‘establishment’ against the ‘people.’ Both candidates have helped to cement populist views and a general distrust of the government – that they are not representing the interests of the people. Both the Sanders, many of whom support Clinton, and the Trump supporters have legitimate concerns and fears, just as democrats, as to the direction of their country and their place in society. For roughly half of the country to be told by the media, by the pundits, and by both the administration and the current democratic candidate that they hold ignorant beliefs, and that their voices don’t matter or that they are ‘deplorable,’ is wrong. I do not agree with much of what the conservative wing of American politics espouses, however, the concerns they raise over the economy, defense, immigration and globalism as it relates to our country are worth listening to. This being said, we must all unequivocally disavow the rhetoric of Donald J. Trump, and start listening and hearing one another’s concerns on a basic human level, rather than have pundits, and ‘politickers’ pit us against one another. The United States is a vast, diverse nation with numerous differing opinions and levels of discourse from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The media has an obligation to provide unbiased presentation of facts, and offer informed unbiased commentary on the situation and circumstances informed by substantial fact. We as Americans ought to attempt to listen to each other more, and not be so quick to quarrel – we can leave that to the politicians who attempt to put on a show, energize their base, and hammer their message. We, the American people, ought to have a discourse and talk about the issues, debate the facts, and cement a care for one another rooted in our beliefs in the promise of this country – the ideals of our democracy, liberty, the rule of law, and respect for our institutions and each other’s respective rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed in our founding documents.

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