Collection of Writing Forthcoming & An Announcement

Good afternoon,

I apologize for the work weeks worth of missed podcasts – the last week, or I should say, the last few weeks have been very busy for myself with personal matters and work. Tonight, and each night following – content will be posted. I am, you could say, BACK – so to speak.

In the meantime – following this posting, I will be putting up a number of pieces of writing from the last two years. I wrote for The Odyssey for some time, but pulled away due to personal concerns – while you can still see my writing there, it is under John Smith, though the handle is my name. Two pieces are actually published writings, and I will provide a link to the anthology that can be purchased.

So, I look forward to putting out more work and thank everyone for listening and joining with me on my journey.

Thank you,

Raimondo Graziano

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