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15 – Michael Cohen, The Greater Implications

2 thoughts on “15 – Michael Cohen, The Greater Implications”

  1. Why should Michael Cohen given his past misgivings and history of lies and falsehoods be any less credible than any other person like the president of the United States or officials in Congress who’ve lied to the American people.

    1. I agree with that point completely. It’s a sad thing that we have lost all sense of trust in this nation. Although working for the man whom he said in his testimony commited a number of questionable acts and yet he STILL worked for him raises my own eyebrows – but I believe him. I’m sure he was just pulled into a world that is so entangling, removing oneself from it is immeasurably difficult. We are all capable of being forgiven and earning redemption, and I believe Cohen is on this path now.

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